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What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. This definition, by itself, tells you nothing about what ESG truly means for your company.

ESG is, very simply, the lens through which investors will see your company. It is how they will judge your profits, your returns, and your growth. It is how they will decide whether your company is a safe place for them to invest – safe in terms of their financial investment, their social responsibility, and their environmental obligations.

Your ESG Reporting is the starting point for all investors and is the gateway to their investment.

So how will you report? What tools will you use to give your investors surety that you are using their investment wisely, consciously, and transparently?

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Where it all started

Our beginnings @ Bidvest in 2006

  • The ESG Data Toolkit has its beginnings in 2006 at a company called Bidvest - one of South African's leading and largest companies - comprising over 120 companies across multiple industries spanning over 500 indicators per level.

  • Reporting was done centrally, inclusive of the most basic of signoff processes to help maximize data integrity.

  • Reports were largely generated using Microsoft Excel.

  • Bidvest bought the system and deployed it on its own platform as a salable item...

The birth of SD Toolkit (Sustainability Data Toolkit)

  • In 2007, Lonmin requested assistance with data centralisation for their reporting. This was actually a brief capture exercise before they switched to another reporting system.

  • Although I heard endless complaints about how their new software underperformed compared to the SD Toolkit, their Sustainability department were forced to switch and to use the new system.

Starting in 2007, SD Toolkit ramped up

  • Also in 2007, Impala Platinum (Implats) purchased the system.

  • Their system required only one significant upgrade in over 13 years.

  • Implats included a Corporate Social Investement (CSI) Audit Module that allows them to manage, monitor and report on CSI and SED projects.

  • Implats captured data for six operations on a monthly and quarterly basis, with reporting modules built for monthly, quarterly and annual purposes.

In 2021, Version 2.0 Launched Successfully

  • In 2021, the SD Toolkit was completely overhauled from the ground up, using more modern, secure frameworks for both sustainability data capture and data analysis.

  • Expanded the signoff accountability to include as many levels of signoff as required.

  • Added reasonability validation to the sustainability data that is entered to verify it against past data.

  • We introduced the Incident reporting module that allows the tracking and reporting of customized incidents.

  • Added new, standardised reporting

  • Added facility to produce a companies full ESG data table

  • Implemented unlimited document storage

The ESG Data Toolkit

  • And, finally, 2023, the SD Toolkit was re-branded to become the ESG Data Toolkit.

  • With this re-branding, we retain our excellent solution standards, providing clients with innovative data collection, reliability, and interrogation metrics, and expanding our ability to read and import data from multiple other sources.

  • Our simple, expandable SLA still governs our product and, if anything, our commitment to bringing you the best, most cost-effective, robust solution in the market is even stronger than before.

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