Data Validation

ESG Data Toolkit

Data Validation

  Over years of collating information from hundreds of data sources, we noticed that, no matter how careful and accurate a capturer tried to be, certain figures reported in ESG reports was simply wrong. Whether from typing errors, lack of governance surrounding capture, or various other reasons, these figures, that should never have been published, ended up in Sustainability and Integrated reports.


Data Integration
Formula Validation

  Comprehensive validation formulas created per indicator (or per section) allow the triggering of error messages and forcing the user to enter comments and justification before they are able to save data and submit data.

Reasonability Validation

  One of the reasons we always request 3 year's historic data be provided to us is for us to be able to compare current data against historic data to look for errors. Our Reasonability Validation check can be configured against all indicators with adjustable tolerance levels for each indicator. Violation of data entered or imported into the system must be justified by entering a comment against the figure before the user will be able to save the figure into the database. This feature can be configured for data captured or imported.