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ESG Data Toolkit

ESG Data Toolkit Users and Divisions

  The ESG Data Toolkit separates itself from our competitors in several ways - one being how we price our system.

   Traditional pricing models are priced per user accessing the system. This leads companies to try to share user accounts to save costs. Another pricing model is to charge per physical location - but this often has the same result - locations are all bundled together and captured as one rather than capturing the data at the source.

   At ESG Data Toolkit we do it differently:

Data Integration
Unlimited Users

   Add as many users to the system as you need - make sure that the person who actually owns the data is the one providing it to the ESG Data Toolkit.

Unlimited Reporting and Capture entities

  Add all your sites to the ESG Data Toolkit at no extra cost - have as many sites and divisions as your company organogram may require to effectively and strategically manage your ESG reporting.