Incident Management

ESG Data Toolkit

Incident Investigation & Reporting

  One of the challenges a company may face is the correct, accurate and accountable reporting of incidents. Incidents range from Safety (including things like accidents, crime, property damage) to Health (including things like your companies COVID response) to Environmental (including those incidents that impact the environment).

  Each incident (while doing your best to avoid such incidents in the first place) is an opportunity for the company to learn, grow and evolve. How you handle incidents will reflect on the governance of your organisation and the ESG Data Toolkit assists you to manage your risk in terms of reporting, investigating and learning from incidents as they occurr

Data Integration

  With our unlimited user policy, all yours in your organisation have the ability to report incidents. These incidents, once reported, are managed by our Incident workflow that will ensure that every incident is responded to with the urgency it requires.


  Many companies do not have a structured way to investigate incidents. The ESG Data Toolkit assists with management from all aspects, including categorization, HULEY rules, HFRI, Lost-Time Injuries, Crime, and many more.


  What corrective actions are required to ensure that this incident does not recurr? And are you ensuring that those corrective actions are actually actioned? The ESG Data Toolkit will assist you with all of these tasks.