SLA Evolution

ESG Data Toolkit

Evolved Service Level Agreement

  Most systems are sold 'as is', and an SLA is often only provided to be a limitation of support given. And, let's be honest, you will often not use support if the system works... And the 'left over' support time? Lost!!!

   With the ESG Data Toolkit, your service time is not wasted if you don't need support - we believe in providing so much more than just support. What if you needed a new report? A new way to capture data? New integration into other systems? How much would that cost? And would the cost impact your decision to get the new feature or report? What if the designing the new report was already built into the SLA?

Data Integration
Systems Support

  Our service team is always ready to support you - often offering our clients extended support availablility at no extra cost

System Enhancement

  Imagine having your own development team that is continually looking to improve your software to your companies requirements. That is what the ESG Data Toolkit's SLA Evolution is all about - giving you the power to control your ESG reporting platform.